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Dermalogica Treatments

Ultimate Express Facial | 30 min – $70

This treatment is ideal for the time poor client or as a pick-me-up for that special occasion, it is also a very useful tool as a comprehensive skin consultation and introduction to skin care. Cleanse, exfoliate and masque.

Skin Correction-Teenage-Problematic

Ultimate Deep Cleanse Facial | 45 min – $90

A decongesting and healing treatment highly recommended for correcting skin challenges such as blackheads, oily or congested skin with a tendency to breakout. Includes: cleanse, steam, exfoliation, extractions if necessary, healing masque, and protection moisturiser.

The Ultimate Hour | 60 min – $120

This is our most popular facial treatment where relaxation meets results. We begin with cleanse, exfoliation, our amazing face, neck and shoulder massage followed by customised masque for your skin condition. While your masque is on we will hot towel your hands and you can choose from hand, foot or scalp massage.

Ultimate Deluxe Facial | 90 min – $160

This is for the client who wants to spoil herself or give to a special friend. 1 ½ hours of customised skin care for any skin condition, with a choice of specialised exfoliants and masks. Extra long massage and a beautiful hand and arm polish and massage. Also, includes eyebrow wax.

Ultraceuticals treatments

Ultraceuticals luxurious signature facial treatments incorporate potent active ingredients, vitamin infusion and massage to treat key skin concerns including premature skin ageing, pigmentation, even skin tone and problematic congested skin.

THE POWER OF ULTRSONOPHORESIS | All Ultraceuticals treatments incorporate the powerful UltraSonophoresis (infusion) technology.  UltraSonophoresis utilises low-frequency ultrasound that has been shown to increase transdermal penetration of ingredients up to 1000 times than achieved with manual facial massage alone.

Our signature facials treatments integrate a vitamin infusion to boost penetration of potent actives deeper into the skin. The Skin Workout and Paramedical treatments include an UltraSonophoresis deep cleanse for the perfect pre-treatment skin penetration.

MICRODERMABRASION |  Is an advanced technique to exfoliate the skin. This treatment removes dead skin cells and increases cellular turnover leaving the skin looking more radiant and youthful.  Microdermabrasion on the face and body improves the overall look, feel, texture and tone of the skin and helps products penetrate more effectively.

Vita-CLEAR Facial  | 30 min – $95

This deep cleansing treatment incorporates BHA and potent antioxidants to penetrate deep into the pores to clear congestion. Works to calm inflamed skin, help control excessive oiliness, mattify the complexion and minimise future skin breakouts.

Vita-REPAIR Facial   | 30 min – $95

Works to repair stressed and dehydrated skin, this essential moisture boosts treatment balances and restores skin’s natural hydration levels. Features Ultraceuticals’ Vitamin B2 moisturising complex (Pro-Vitamin B5 and Vitamin B3) to visibly nourish skin and plump fine lines and wrinkles.

Vita-GLOW Facial  | 30 min – $95

This multi-action facial visibly reduces the appearance of pigmentation, uneven skin tone and dark spots. A powerful combination of 5 hyper-pigment blockers, skin brighteners and exfoliants to synergistically work to restore skin luminosity and radiance.

Microdermabrasion Up Grade |$40

Skin Workouts Often referred to as peels aim to rejuvenate skin through accelerated exfoliation.  These treatments have been developed to quickly refresh and restore skins youthful appearance.

Vita-CLEAR Skin Workout  | 45 min with infusion – $135

This Mandelic Acid Peel utilises AHAs to quickly decongest, clarify and help control oil production. With proven anti-ageing ingredient Niacinamide and potent anti-oxidant Clove Oil, this peel improves surface congestion and reduces inflammation.

Vita-REPAIR Skin Workout | 45 min with infusion – $130

Reveal refreshed, youthful, radiant skin in just one treatment. This high-powered Lactic Acid peel delivers fast results and actively works to dramatically re-surface and instantly improve skins moisture levels whilst restoring clarity and luminosity.

Vita-GLOW Skin Workout  | 45 min with infusion – $135

The ideal treatment for ageing or sun-damaged skin, this potent Vita-peel features high-strength AHAs and BHAs. This skin brightening treatment works rapidly to exfoliate surface congestion while diminishing the appearance of dark spots, pigmentation and blotchiness to reveal a bright and clear complexion.

A-Zyme Skin Workout  | 45 min – $165

The powerhouse of all anti-ageing treatments. This fast-acting non-invasive skin rejuvenation combines proven anti-ageing ingredients Retinol and Bromelain to refresh, refine, hydrate and plump your skin. Works quickly to dramatically diminish fine line and wrinkles, even skin tone, and improve overall skin luminosity.

Radiance Plus+ | 30 min – $130

This radiance-boosting mask combines a powerful blend of 8 skin brightening agents to rapidly reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation, dark spots and blotchiness to reveal a luminous complexion.

DNT | prices from $195

Utilises Direct Needle Therapy (DNT) to rejuvenate the skins youthful appearance. This powerful treatment works to quickly rejuvenate the skin by increasing the production of collagen and elastin and helps to visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, coarse texture and dull skin tone.


Visiting Specialists

Cosmetic Physician | Price varies depending on the treatment

Injectables and fillers

I.P.L Visiting Laser Therapist | Price varies depending on the treatment

Skin rejuvenation, hair removal, capillaries, rosacea, brown spots, age spots and sun damage



Relaxation Massage | 60 min – $100

This tension melting, kneading and relaxing massage loosens tight muscles and targets your most troubled areas. Includes body massage, warm towel infusions and scalp massage. A relaxing massage experience with selected pressure to suit each person’s individual needs.

Back Massage | 30 min – $70

Back, neck and shoulders are worked on to give you a wonderful massage experience in a short time. This is ideal for regular maintenance work or the time poor or for an introduction to the pleasure of massage

Hot Stone Massage | 60 min – $145 | 30 min – $85

This one of our most popular massages

Pure Fiji Body Treatment | 75 min – $155

We start with dry body brushing to stimulate the skin and begin the exfoliation process. Using Pure Fiji cream or sugar scrub you will then be transported to Fiji as the coconut based ingredients remove dry skin in a brisk body scrub. We will sooth away your cares with hot towel infusions and then massage away stress with a luxurious Pure Fiji Body lotion or Body Butter. (This is an ideal gift idea for a special person in your life or as a treat for yourself)

Hand & Foot Care

Like all our treatments this is not just a manicure, it is an experience. File, cuticle care, exfoliate, massage and paint.

Ultimate Manicure | 60 min – $65 | Add Paraffin $75

Ultimate Mini Manicure | 15-20 min – $36.50

File and polish | $26.50

Repolish | $21.50

Ultimate Pedicure | 60 min – $85

This is the treatment to beat all – Relax in our beautiful Pedi-spa while your feet are pampered with jet spas and warm bubbles. Your nails are filed and cuticles conditioned, heels repaired all while you sit in the massage chair. Next, your feet and lower legs are polished with a body scrub and massaged with rich foot cream, finished with your choice of polish.

With paraffin | $95.00

Ultimate Mini Pedicure | 15-20 min – $36.50

Cut, file, and polish or massage

Repolish | $21.50

Nail Enhancements

Shellac Nails

Shellac Nails | $48

Shellac Soak off and re-apply | $60

Shellac Soak off | $25

In addition to manicure or pedicure | $25


Full body | $45

Full body 90 minute tan | $50

Full body with body scrub | $100

Legs | $30

Ask about our frequent tanning cards


Bridal | $85

Bridesmaids | $85

Debutantes | $60

Special Occasions | $75

Trial | $80

Add an extra $25 for false eyelashes

Check out some examples


At Ultimate Care we do not double dip our wax spatulas and use the highest quality wax for your ultimate hygiene and protection.

Eyebrow | 15 min – $25

Lip wax | 15 min – $15,50

Chin wax | 15 min – $15.50

Eyebrow, lip and chin | 20 min – $45.50

Sides of face wax | 15 min – $25

Bikini line wax | 15 min – from $36

Extended bikini line | 20 min – $44.50

Brazilian | 30 min – $56.50

Tummy | 15 min – $16.50

Underarm | 5 min – $28

Arm wax | 15 min – $34.50

½ leg wax | 20 min – $40

¾ leg wax | 25 min – $45.50

Full leg wax | 45 min – $68.50

Full leg and bikini | 60 min – $85.00


Eyebrow | 15 min – $18.50

Lip wax | 10 min – $13.50

½ leg wax | 20 min – $36

Men’s Waxing

Full back wax | 30 min – $48.50

Chest | 30 min – $48.50

Shoulders and chest | 20 min – $35.50

Eye Care

Eyelash Tint | 15 min – $25.50

Eyebrow Tint | 5 min – $14

Eyelash, Eyebrow Tint & Brow Wax | 30 min – $55

Eyelash Perming with Eye Lash Tint | 60 min – $80

Eye Brow Henna

Brow Henna provides optimal colouring of eyebrows and skin with a soft permanent makeup effect, it is a great alterantive to traditional brow tints.  It is more long lasting and has less chemical residue.  We recommend a patch test before treatment.

Brow Henna service | $35

Brow Henna Service with Eyebrow Wax | $59

Brow Henna Service with Eyebrow Wax & Eyelash Tint | $80


Bridal | 3 h – $295

This is for the bride to pamper and de-stress in preparation for the most glamorous day of her life. Plan to have just before the big day so your skin, feet and hands are in tip-top condition.

  • Express Facial
  • Shellac Nails
  • Ultimate Pedi with Shellac
  • Eyebrow and Eyelash Tint
  • Spray Tan

Yummy Mummy | 2 ½ h – $220

Is someone you know about to become a mum? Perfect baby shower gift!! Give the mum-to-be something she will really appreciate 2 ½ h to herself.

  • Ultimate Pedicure
  • Express Facial
  • Eye Brow Wax
  • Eyelash tint
  • Bikini Line Wax

Red Carpet Event | 2 ½ h – $220

Great for that special occasion, Debutant Ball or School Formal.

  • Ultimate Express Facial
  • Eyebrow Wax
  • Shellac fingers and Toes
  • Tan

Relaxing Escape | 3 ½ hours – $320

  • Ultimate Deluxe Facial
  • 1-hour Relaxation Massage
  • Ultimate Pedicure

Date Night | 60 min – $100

This is ideal for the last minute makeover before a night out with that someone special.

  • Shellac fingers
  • 90 minute Spray Tan
  • Eye Brow Wax